As true in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland as it is in modern late stage capitalist life;

It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

Change without progress makes us all the more vulnerable to gatekeepers and other predators that are all too happy to exploit the illusion of gain. For those of us who are fluent in web3 and at ease in talking about Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) it can be really jarring to see the…

Since Ethereum was founded in 2015, many other blockchains, Layer 1s, infrastructure solutions have come along attempting to claim the crown as the most prominently adopted protocol layer.

It’s not to dismiss that many of these alternates were and still are pioneering major innovation for the whole of web3, whether that be through new technical accomplishments or commercial advancements.

However, the one thing that all of these blockchains lack, even Bitcoin (Don’t hate me maxis), is that none of them are able to replicate or come even close to replicating the authenticity of Ethereum’s developer ecosystem, decentralised governance and operations…

TLDR; Everything is a mod. Mod the Metaverse. This matters, now.

What is modding?

DIGITALAX has been throwing this term around a lot. In fact it’s intrinsic to our broader mission. So what does it actually mean? And why do we keep on emphasising it so much. Well, ultimately, a mod is about breaking down a whole into all of its parts, tweaking and messing around with the insides of those parts and then reassembling them into a novel, way cooler whole.

Modding is the fundamental practice that drives growth and change in fashion, gaming, mechanics… everything. Really though, everything is a mod…

Underwriting the Infrastructure through decentralised incentives.

At some point in all of our lives we’ve been told that we cannot do something or cannot achieve something because we don’t qualify. That permission can come in many forms; a certificate, an IQ test, a conformation to certain rules, obligations, standards, requirements to get in to whatever it is that we can’t afford to miss out on. …

They’ll do anything for clout.

At the time of writing this, videos tagged with #clout on TikTok have been viewed over 4.3 billion times and on instagram, over 2 million posts. It’s not the most viral tag out there, but it certainly has some pretty active relevance.

In fact, the term has enough importance that it’s been used in political circles as a form of local lexicon since the mid twentieth century, and has also found itself in all sorts of interesting self help books.

But with all of that said, what does it actually mean and why is it…

A candid view from a founder.

It isn’t some big secret that running a startup is hard. In fact, if you are doing it right, then it is fucking hard. There’s no other way to experience it.

There are no shortage of sacrifices, juggling of unknowns, leaps of faith, delusional beliefs that are required to break through. And even then, the variables are often so sporadic in the clarity of validation that they provide, that it is incredibly easy to finish with catastrophic failure, or, even worse, in my perspective, get caught in this false grey zone of comfort that…

It’s kind of a cliche. When you first start something big, crazy, on the bleeding edge and required to be some dose of delusional to have any chance of success, you get 2 typical reactions from people;

  1. They brush you off and think your delusive dosage is way too high.
  2. They actively engage in trying to undercut and neg the idea, your motives, hairstyle, the weather… anything they can to knock you off base.

Then, when you don’t give in, go through all the shit and actually start to rise and achieve something resembling what you set out to do…

Since DIGITALAX launched last year we have focused vigorously on ensuring that we continue to commit to building out a foundational infrastructure and protocol that ensures value for designers and brands, and bridges the gap for the $3 trillion traditional fashion industry to sustainably onboard into digital.

To anyone who has been paying any attention whatsoever, everything I am saying today is entirely obvious. And has been for years. There is nothing new about recognising the sudden seeming convergence and clash of the digital and physical worlds we live within.

Maybe some of the deeper implications have been harder to…

Ever since I can remember I have wanted nothing more, and have been no more passionate about anything else, than generating new ideas and enabling new technologies that can have a BIG impact in the world.

I remember starting my first invention book at the age of five and quickly filling it up with all sorts of whacky ideas, thoughts, novel creations— from small product ideas that I thought could make someone’s life simpler to advanced futures filled with Matrioshka Worlds, shapeshifting through femtotech and complex outer space factories and moon mining. 🚀🪐

I’m a 22 year old entrepreneur and…

There has been much talk around the topics of NFTs and Sustainability over the past weeks, even more so as new market participants have entered the space and brought more activity to the ecosystem as a whole.

With DIGITALAX’s recent partnership with Matic (More to come on this soon) and transition into the Ethereum Layer 2 community, it is most timely to publicly express mine and DIGITALAX’s viewpoint and position on NFTs, Sustainability and everything alike.

First, let’s start at the core of DIGITALAX: Fashion.

From an environmental stance, the traditional fashion industry causes some of the most devastating effects…

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee

Liberating fashion and gaming

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