Storming the Gates of the Metaverse and the Overlooked Achilles Heel

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee
4 min readMay 8, 2021

Underwriting the Infrastructure through decentralised incentives.

At some point in all of our lives we’ve been told that we cannot do something or cannot achieve something because we don’t qualify. That permission can come in many forms; a certificate, an IQ test, a conformation to certain rules, obligations, standards, requirements to get in to whatever it is that we can’t afford to miss out on. I know I’ve been told this multiple times throughout my own life; that I wouldn’t be able to “get into” Space engineering (Which I proved them all wrong 😉) to not being able to change the world through fashion.

It’s often the case that we have to conform to a framework set by gatekeepers in our society. These gatekeepers have been around in every society since the dawn of agriculture. It’s something that so many of us simply must accept with no plausible alternative. Our current centralised economies incentivise an all out war for whoever can control the chokepoints for value exchange — because the model is extractive at its root.

This is why web3 is so revolutionary. Because it decentralises the points of value exchange and minaturises the barriers to the point where they can fit as access keys in each of our pockets.

When we think about making the metaverse a reality, in whatever form that can take, the value exchange layer is the most vital. If we get this wrong, there will be no metaverse. Instead, it will be an immersive fully controlled repeat of the same bullshit that we have dealt with for generations. Where the rich get richer and the rest of us are consumed as the product. #facebook

I takes this extremely seriously, and, so does DIGITALAX. When we talk about building a digital fashion operating system, it’s more than a marketing boiler plate. I, and the company, actually live this — breaking things down to the most low level base principals so that we can properly create an architecture that is optimal in the right way; for the right metrics, the right values.

So much of web3 today is still lagging behind. It’s still a web2, but just dressed up in the mask of web3. If we continue down that road it will lead to more of a dark force that we are already in. It will fail us.

This is why DIGITALAX has refused to accept or pursue VC money. I’m not sure if we ever will. Because the appeal of the certificate of approval doesn’t withstand. Why would anyone building natively in web3 hand over centralised control and back themselves into a corner of equity based debt with people and entities that likely don’t align anyway with truly decentralised models, because if they did, they’d simply buy your token, goods or other products.

This is the overlooked Achilles heel; that web2 and older legacy capital gatekeepers are buying up core portions of would be metaverse infrastructure before anything has really had a chance to really take route.

They are building the walls before the masses come in. And when the time comes, who will be let in?

DIGITALAX is operating for a decentralised commercial environment where all players and creators have the ability to spin up a personal decentralised realm with dynamic access keys. We are growing out our ecosystem to continue to include more savvy doorways and access channels for more players and creators to leverage off of. This is why it is so important to build the infrastructure and protocol layers; not just come in as a siloed project or “brand” focused on centralised value generation.

It is my hope that thousands of platforms and companies will spring up to carry the banner of a truly accessible and open metaverse. Today, too many chase quick exits and unfortunately the facade of validation from the old guard.

Whatever the case or what battles may come, myself and DIGITALAX will remain true to our core pursuit of building the infrastructure for the metaverse in a native web3 environment. Why? Well, because this undertaking is bigger than any one of us. Creators, designers, artists, technologists, developers, players — the new systems that we connect through must be infused with our humanity.

Hey! I’m Emma-Jane! I’m a 23 year old fashionaut amongst other things

I am the founder of DIGITALAX and a bunch of other stuff in web3. 😆

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