Open Digital Fashion Innovation

I am working towards bringing the fashion industry to the digital economy, enabling designers to be able to create digital fashion for gaming, VR and other 3D technologies. I am revealing the roadmap for the future of digital fashion.

Elon Musk often asks, “are we living in a simulation?” By looking at today’s gaming and virtual reality industry, maybe he is onto something. There is a clear innovation curve in the advancement of gaming, VR, AR and each year these digital worlds are becoming more and more photorealistic. Eventually in the not too distant future, these worlds will ultimately become indistinguishable from the physical world that we know of today. We will start to interact with native digital economies, digital-only ecosystems and communities and when this happens billions, if not trillions, of dollars worth of new value will emerge. This might sound crazy, but we are already living hybrid digital-physical lives, just think about how we use social media to build our digital identities or upload our memories to the cloud.

Virtual Fittings

Digital-Only Limited Edition

Open Digital Fashion

Imagine when a creative designer completes their digital design in 2D/ 3D and imagine if this could automatically adjust to look almost completely realistic in terms of the materials, fabric, the way the garment interacts with the environment, the character. Imagine when a creative designer can easily digitise a cool jacket for a game player and then the game player can take this and sell it off later.​

‘Open source’ and creating an environment that brings designers together, allows them to collaborate, share patterns, material designs and textures and then build on demand 3D digital asset libraries is going to be a massive market segment.

Sustainable Fashion

If we think about the current fashion supply chain, it is riddled with wasteful practices — not only when it comes to the actual manufacturing and dyeing of the materials, but also with the recent trend of ‘fast fashion’ putting enormous pressure on brands for reduced costs and accelerated production cycles. Think about new business models that are completely sustainable and are able to eliminate the complexity of the supply chain. Digital fashion can be created with ZERO waste and then be instantly shipped online within a matter of seconds to anyone in the world. Time to market is much more streamlined and allows for flexibility in reaction time i.e. being able to quickly distribute more designs of a certain product that becomes hugely successful overnight without requiring any coordination with clunky manufacturing processes.

The problems we see today.

Too slow.

There is no doubt that digital fashion is the future. This industry is going to be absolutely huge and bring in enormous new value and opportunities. It is an entirely new economy. But today, creating a motion-ready 3D digital fashion garment with different textures and interactivity with both an avatar and surrounding virtual environments like wind, liquids is extremely hard. You will need a small Hollywood visual effects team and weeks to months to produce just one garment and a realistic looking short motion clip.​

Big brand monopoly, designers are in silos.

On a bigger scale, the fashion industry is currently very ‘mafia’ driven — small innovative designers struggle finding distribution channels and exposure against the monopoly of the major labels. Designers, brands work almost completely siloed, they keep their cards very close to their chest, not willing to share or collaborate in the fear of losing to competition or market share. This is not just with competing brands, but sometimes even with other divisions within the same company. This lack of transparency and knowledge transfer slows down the innovation in the industry dramatically and puts creativity in an isolated black box.

Introducing Open Fashion Digital Innovation

To grow the creative economy and the future of creative development globally digital fashion and technologies that enable it are the perfect innovative platform for showcasing independent designers and positioning them as the future industry leaders.

Hey! I’m Emma-Jane! I’m a 23 year old fashionaut amongst other things

I am the founder of DIGITALAX and a bunch of other stuff in web3. 😆



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