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Since DIGITALAX launched last year we have focused vigorously on ensuring that we continue to commit to building out a foundational infrastructure and protocol that ensures value for designers and brands, and bridges the gap for the $3 trillion traditional fashion industry to sustainably onboard into digital.

To anyone who has been paying any attention whatsoever, everything I am saying today is entirely obvious. And has been for years. There is nothing new about recognising the sudden seeming convergence and clash of the digital and physical worlds we live within.

Maybe some of the deeper implications have been harder to believe. But it doesn’t take boldness, genius or rocket science to realise the unique risks and opportunities in fashion bridging the way between the digi-fizzy realms.

I remember when I was in space engineering school a few years ago, before I dropped out, and was selected as the first ever 1st year engineering student to join the universities FSAE (Formula 1) team — it’s a global university event, where you engineer and build a race car as a team from scratch. I was chosen because of how skilled I was with the milling machine, of all things. Sometimes, it is not at all obvious how one goes from the super technical into a building a digital fashion house. Some could say that it’s because during my time on the team I also designed the team uniform. 😆🤔

Seriously though, I’ve always been fascinated by the connections between how you make radically different kinds of things. Fashion and computation have a long history together too, one that many at the forefront of fashion and tech usually overlook.

For whatever reason, I might have a knack for seeing the obvious. When it became clear that everything from the metaverse, NFTs, crypto and more would be moving towards digital fashion — the next play had to be DIGITALAX. From being the first digital fashion NFT marketplace, to pioneering Fractional Garment Ownership, to in-game esports utility, outfit recharging, sustainable ecosystem development for designers, devs, players, engineering out the first truly interoperable 3D file format and enabling indie developers with web3.

Really there was no other path I could take. Looking at these converging industries, it’s clear that one of the most frustrating and debilitating obstacles holding back mass adoption of blockchain enhanced digital fashion and the traditional physical fashion industry is super simple ELI5 ready onboarding.

Essentially, onboarding is required for transformation of fashion into natively digital environments;

Which is in turn required for full recognition of the value of mod culture and ultimately leads directly to successful fusion of digital and physical realms.

When it is put this way, it’s easy to connect the dots and see why we do what we do, in the way that we do it. 😉

With that all said, this article is really about the exciting launch of the 3rd part of our NFT marketplace — a digital physical NFT fashion line and marketplace for direct onboarding into the metaverse, both online and IRL.

We will be accepting fiat and making it super simple for those who know nothing about crypto to get their first taste.

That’s fu@%*ng powerful.

There is much more exciting information to come on this as we prove out the first digital physical fashion hybrid supply chain — we launched a BETA last month with the first on chain pattern genesis NFT issuance for streamlined cross realm licensing and monetisation. Read more here.

Our soon to be launching DIGITALAX digi-fizzy drip line will be used to directly and actively onboard more players into the ESPA ecosystem, into crypto and into NFTs. Unlockable content, XP points, and memetic patchwork flares will support this onboarding and actively recognise the importance of mod culture alongside it — so that anyone can rep their drip IRL , rep their guild.

Stay tuned! More to come very soon from DIGITALAX!

Hey! I’m Emma-Jane! I’m a 23 year old fashionaut amongst other things

I am the founder of DIGITALAX and a bunch of other stuff in web3. 😆

Follow me on Twitter and check out my website janefuture.com



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