Imagined Studios | PODE Indie Devs | Incubation, Launch, Scale

Faberlare is Imagined Studios’ featured game, being developed in Unity.

It’s a Super Mario 3D World style platformer with a fashionista twist.

Here are some in-progress live action shots. Also, follow them on Twitter 😎.

The Business Development Roadmap through PODE


  • Field testing
  • Game mechanics QA
  • Game economic model evaluation, stress testing
  • NFT integration and scalability
  • Viral feedback potential
  • In-game affordance
  • Degrees of Exclusivity evaluation


  • Public sale NFT minting event
  • Public edition NFT distribution + in-game utility level ups
  • Initial Player community establishment

Scaling and Player Onboarding

  • Continuous feedback and iteration cycles
  • Degrees of Exclusivity evaluation level ups
  • Game mechanic maintenance and updates

This is a multi-post announcement with more updates and details to come so that no one misses out. You can see Post One in this article here.

Hey! I’m Emma-Jane! I’m a 23 year old fashionaut amongst other things



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