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Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee
3 min readApr 9, 2021

As we reveal more details around how PODE holders will be directly leveling up indie game devs and studios globally, we’d like to dive deeper into the pixels behind Imagined Studios — why this team was chosen, why this genesis incubation is so important and how this changes everything for indie game distribution.

I began the hunt for the right starting indie dev studio to onboard through PODE months back (Late December 2020). It was a long process of filtering through different potential candidates, searching through discord communities and random serendipitous moments… but none really seemed like a genesis fit. That was until I came across McMistrzYT and Imagined Studios. This was different. A young team out of Central Europe with such a unique style and memetic voice to their content.

As I began discussing with the team about their future goals, where their passion for game development stemmed from and what were some of the challenges and unknowns that they were facing it became more and more clear.

The team had a great vision, great technical ability but no roadmap for how to actually launch in the market, introduce new and novel ways for being able to sustainably monetise and also leverage on market trends, cutting edge technologies and inevitable content distribution upgrades i.e. NFTs for DLC.

PODE was always about providing unique access and digital experiences and doing this in a way that uplifted unseen creators and voices. With Imagined Studios as our first studio running through incubation, we are setting out the ultimate business roadmap and key milestones that PODE holders will actively shepherd to take this team from pre-launch to launch to scale and player onboarding.

Faberlare is Imagined Studios’ featured game, being developed in Unity.

It’s a Super Mario 3D World style platformer with a fashionista twist.

Here are some in-progress live action shots. Also, follow them on Twitter 😎.

The Business Development Roadmap through PODE

Core problems faced by Indie devs stem from not; knowing where to start, getting reliable feedback, having a dedicated player testing base, having reliable metrics, having mentors for support and knowing whether they are on pace to meet their goals.

PODE holders are incentivised through dynamic staking of the OG in-game Fashionistas to engage in a series of governance votes, field testing activities, game economic advisory and distribution assistance to help Imagined Studios level up.


  • Field testing
  • Game mechanics QA
  • Game economic model evaluation, stress testing
  • NFT integration and scalability
  • Viral feedback potential
  • In-game affordance
  • Degrees of Exclusivity evaluation


  • Public sale NFT minting event
  • Public edition NFT distribution + in-game utility level ups
  • Initial Player community establishment

Scaling and Player Onboarding

  • Continuous feedback and iteration cycles
  • Degrees of Exclusivity evaluation level ups
  • Game mechanic maintenance and updates

This is a multi-post announcement with more updates and details to come so that no one misses out. You can see Post One in this article here.

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