A Heartfelt Reminder of Why We Are All Here. 💚

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee
4 min readSep 9, 2021

A small note;

Great work can lead to life changing results. And fundamentally, the most significant feature of NFTs is that they reduce barriers so that anyone can get to a point of financial independence and creative freedom.

A lot of you remember the Among Us ESPA auction from March this year. This auction was more than just an NFT sale, cool Among Us on-chain fashion, the launch of ESPA, the first fashion NFT auction on polygon or whatever else you want to call it.

It was also a life changing event for a young girl from Brazil. I remember the first call I had with Kodo (Now going by Mirth) back in early February and describing to her late one night exactly what the hell was DIGITALAX. We talked for over an hour about her life, her journey, the hardest battles that she had overcome and why she was modding and doing art.

From that first call I was completely inspired by seeing how strong, brave, bold, driven and talented she is and just how NFTs and Web3 could be used to catalyse this even further.

Kodo and I worked for weeks on the designs, chatting on discord, hustling to beat the timeline. Gosh we remember that stress 😆 And of course Kodo pulled it out of the bag with the most cutest mouse artist Among Us outfits that had ever been seen. I still remember when Among Us updated the entire game system about 5 days before going live and we had to race to literally redo everything… from the code to the outfits!!

The Among Us auction ended up being a huge success where the entire proceeds went back to the designers, and that sum completely changed Kodo’s life. The full amount the auction brought in at that time (back in March) was over $160K in $MONA.

To give some perspective, this is the conditions Kodo and her family were living in.

This is the outside of their home.

This is where Kodo did all of her art to ultimately support her entire family.

But through NFTs, the DIGITALAX community and the broader fabric of what is being built in web3, Kodo’s life is now completely changed. They just started building a new house a few months back and wow, this is where she’s at today 💚💚💚💚

“No matter in what social condition you live in, there’s always a way to work around the edges, you just have to believe, learn, love your own talent and show yourself off to the world! Opportunities come and go and you better take them while you can, you never know when you’ll see them again. I found my opportunity and took the risk, and I’m very grateful for believing in my worth and that I could do it.” — A message from Kodo

So with that said, it’s easy to get caught up in a degen “fill my bags” cycle. But we all profit a hell of a lot of more when we look out for each other, cultivate upcoming talent and build coordinated wealth catalysts that change lives.

Kodo, I am so proud of you and feel so lucky to be able to continue this journey by your side, for all successes and challenges to come. You are an inspiration to me, to your family, and to so many others. Thank you for being you.

To the DIGITALAX community, thank you for believing in what we are building here, for believing in Kodo and leading the way in showing everyone just how life changing NFTs and web3 is.

Let’s keep changing lives! 💚💥💃

Hey! I’m Emma-Jane! I’m a 23 year old fashionaut amongst other things

I am the founder of DIGITALAX and a bunch of other stuff in web3. 😆

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